What is ISO and why does it matter?

The ISO (International System of Units) is a measurement of light sensitivity, which is a measure of how much light is being absorbed by the material.Light is emitted in two different wavelengths: infrared and visible light.ISO stands for International System of Unit for Conversion of Terrestrial Radiation.It is commonly used to measure how bright a […]

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Why are people so drawn to the stars?

People have long been fascinated by the stars, especially in the past century.The discovery of the first stars in 1848 led to the creation of the International Astronomical Union and in 1919, the American astronomer Edward O. Wilson became the first person to observe them in detail.A photograph of one of the stars in 1912, […]

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“This is my photo of the day” (and some other weird things)

In early May, we wrote about the photo of newborn photography by photographer Tariq Abdul Qadeer.He showed it to me in a cafe, and I thought, “This looks like something I’d like to have done.What would I say?”He was a self-described “proudly and proudly” Pakistani, a proud member of the Muslim community.“But when I started […]

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The Rise and Fall of Shape Photography: What You Need to Know

In the early 2000s, a handful of photojournalists and photographers were among the first to capture the digital moment.At the time, there was still a very real and tangible link between the camera and the photographer.But by 2013, digital photography had evolved to the point where it was increasingly impossible to capture a meaningful image […]

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How to be the most candid person in a room

How to write a best-selling book is a tough task.But it’s something you can do if you’re willing to get it wrong.Photo: Getty Images “I’ve got to be very honest with myself about my weaknesses,” David Hamilton, author of The Art of Being Confident and the forthcoming book, says.“I’m very conscious of my weaknesses.I’ve got […]

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How to take a panning photo from the street

Posted by Bleacher report on Monday, November 11, 2018 08:48:06It’s hard to argue with the concept of taking a panoramic photo from a street.You’re taking a photograph that you can actually look at from your couch and not have to move your feet in the air.But there’s a catch: panning photos from the road can […]

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