How to sign up for a food photography contract

I’m an aspiring food photographer and I’m also working with a company called Shape.It’s a company that offers food photography contracts, which allow photographers to get paid to work for food companies.As part of my work, I need to sign a contract.The contract gives me the right to use a certain photo and the right […]

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Which NFL players pose the most civil war photos?

The league is considering banning cameras on all players during games, the NFL Players Association has announced.The players association also wants the NFL to remove all cameras that capture a player’s face during a play.Players will be able to film during the play and share the footage with their coaches and the media, the association […]

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Donald Trump: ‘We’re gonna make America great again’

Trump says his supporters will “make America great” again.The Republican presidential nominee says he is confident that his campaign will be able to defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton in November.He also tells ABC News he is optimistic about his campaign’s chances in the general election, but warns that Democrats may be able take back the Senate […]

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What’s your favorite photo setting?

The sunsets and sunset over San Francisco’s Castro district in May 2015.It’s the perfect photo setting for a casual dinner or a night out in the city.As an avid photographer, I love taking pictures of the city from the air, and I love photographing people and events from a distance.The first thing I did when […]

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