How to be a “street photographer”

In honor of the upcoming 25th anniversary of his seminal movie, Street Photography, photographer Ryan Stansfield (the guy behind the iconic “B-movie” photo) shares some advice on how to become a street photographer.Ryan Stansfields best-known images of the year include a photo of the Statue of Liberty that went viral in 2011 and the iconic […]

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A new photo class for the Internet

For those of us who are not as tech-savvy as our fellow travelers, the birth photography world has a few tricks up its sleeve.There are online classes for the digital camera, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and many more, and they are a lot of fun to be on.But for those who are, a few tips on […]

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How to shoot a long exposure photo in the ocean

By Brian WiesnerPhotography is all about exposure.In a wide range of situations, like when you’re standing on a beach, or shooting an image of a landscape, you’re going to be exposed to the same light level as the landscape.That’s why a photographer like myself, who has worked in water sports, can’t always focus on the […]

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How to get a baby selfie in your photo booth

The baby selfie may be a recent trend, but a photo booth at your favorite baby spa may not be the best option.A study published in The Journal of Clinical Psychology found that the most popular selfie booth was one that used a baby as a “focus point.”Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco […]

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