What to know about the latest artworks of Leonard Marks

Leonard Marks, the renowned British artist whose work has been featured in museums across the world, has died at the age of 90.The work was created in the 1950s but its most notable works were his iconic images of the British army, including the iconic “V” for Victory and the iconic battle flag.In his own […]

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People photos from the ’60s

This is the first time we have been able to provide full coverage of the famous crystal ball that held the answers to many of our mysteries.Its an incredibly important artifact.A time capsule that has survived the ages.Its not a toy, it’s an amazing piece of art.Its been sitting in the National Archives in Washington […]

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Glass ball photo shoots,buddies,family photo

A mother and daughter from Pennsylvania are hoping to become the first to take photos in public in a glass ball photo shoot.Lydia and Michaela Kuehl of Springfield, Pennsylvania, are taking their photo shoot at the local library and library staff member and the photographer.“It’s going to be fun and fun to see people smile […]

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How to save money on your cat photos

Photographer and photographer David J. Martin was on a quest to save as much money on his cat photography as possible.He was having trouble finding photos for a photo shoot he was doing with a local photographer and wanted to make sure he had everything he needed.After seeing a photo of a cat sitting on […]

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How to take your life online, learn to live without it

A lot of people don’t even know that there’s a word for it.Online life.In fact, the term has become a catchall term for an entire range of digital technologies and tools that can transform the way we live and interact online.But how does this affect how we think about life?We’ve compiled a collection of six […]

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