‘A photo book for the whole family’ – A ‘photography book for all ages’ – by Shai Thaxton

A photo book on the history of photography, written by a man who knows what he’s doing, with illustrations and stories that will appeal to all ages.

The book will be released in bookstores in April.

“It is a photo book to bring together the best images from all over the world, from the beginning of the photographic revolution to the present day,” Shai told The Times.

The book, titled ‘The Story of the World’, tells the story of photography from the earliest times to the latest technological innovations and offers a range of inspiring images.

It has been published in English and in Hindi.

Shai, who is a former India Post editor and was a photographer for India Today for three decades, told The Indian Express: “My book is about photography as a creative art, not a scientific art, and that is why the stories in it are so inspirational.”

He said that the book would be published in bookshops across the country and will be priced at Rs 5,000 to Rs 7,000.

“This book is the first photo book written in Hindi and will also be available in other languages,” he said.

The author, who goes by Shaitan, is an avid photographer and has been documenting his life on Instagram since 2014.

Shai’s Instagram feed has over 1.5 million followers.

“A photobook for the entire family” is the title of his latest book.

It features a selection of photographs of different cultures, the stories behind each one and is intended for all.

“Each photograph will be accompanied by a story about the person and what it meant to them,” Shaiten told The Hindu.

Shaiteen said that this will be his final book and he will be moving on to other creative projects.