Crypto coin competition ‘fun and easy’ for hobbyists

Fun and easy!

That’s the motto of the new competition launching today.

The Coin Challenge will take place over three days, and participants will be able to buy or sell coins for a fee of up to $10 per coin.

This is the first crypto coin competition to launch on an online platform, and will be supported by a team of experienced developers and community managers.

Coin Challenge organizers, CoinTelegraph, say the coin-centric competition aims to provide an easy way for individuals to invest in cryptocurrencies and to help educate people about them.

CoinChallenge will run through February 26.

CoinChallenge is a collaboration between CoinTelegram, a cryptocurrency exchange, and CoinTeams, a professional investment firm.

CoinTeach, CoinChallenger and CoinChallendors have partnered to create the platform, which allows users to create their own personal investment portfolios.

The platform will be run by the CoinTeam team, which is based in Silicon Valley.

The project is being led by the team behind CoinTeamins, a Bitcoin ETF and a cryptocurrency hedge fund, according to CoinTeachers team members.

The team behind the CoinChallenger project will also be working on CoinChallenges platform.

CoinTeams team includes developers and portfolio managers, including Peter Wu, co-founder of the CoinDesk Bitcoin Insider.

CoinDesk is a media company dedicated to covering cryptocurrency and blockchain developments.