Donald Trump: ‘We’re gonna make America great again’

Trump says his supporters will “make America great” again.

The Republican presidential nominee says he is confident that his campaign will be able to defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton in November.

He also tells ABC News he is optimistic about his campaign’s chances in the general election, but warns that Democrats may be able take back the Senate in 2020.

Trump says he believes that a Clinton victory in 2020 will be “the worst thing that could happen to our country.”

But Trump says the country needs to remember the lessons of the last election and he vows to keep his campaign promises to fight for the American people.

“We’re going to make America Great Again,” Trump said.

Trump also said that he believes the election will be close because of the recent terrorist attacks in the United States and Europe.

“I believe we’re going in a very good way,” Trump told ABC News.

“This is the biggest, biggest election of our lifetimes.

I have faith in our people.

I’m convinced we’re gonna win.”

Trump said that the election would be close if he lost to Clinton in the November general election.

“It’s not even close,” Trump says.

“But I’m a big believer that this country’s gonna win.

We’re gonna take care of ourselves.

We have a great, great plan.”