How to be a “street photographer”

In honor of the upcoming 25th anniversary of his seminal movie, Street Photography, photographer Ryan Stansfield (the guy behind the iconic “B-movie” photo) shares some advice on how to become a street photographer.

Ryan Stansfields best-known images of the year include a photo of the Statue of Liberty that went viral in 2011 and the iconic photo of a “supermodel” sitting in a car in 2008.

But what he has also created is some really awesome “street” photos of the last few years, including the gorgeous and very candid images of a girl who looks absolutely stunning on the subway, a “Super Mario” game runner, a street fashion photographer, and of course, a little girl who is taking a nap in a coffee shop.

You can see more of Ryan’s work on Instagram and Instagram photos and more on his website,

Ryan’s website also includes an archive of his photos that you can find on Flickr.