How to capture the best moments in the water

The year is 2018 and we’re still a ways away from diving into the deep ocean.

We’re just a few months away from seeing the first ever underwater photography exhibition in a major city, and with a growing number of young photographers, the world is starting to notice what we’re capable of when it comes to capturing the moment.

We’re talking about the best underwater photography, a term that has grown in popularity over the past decade.

In the age of smartphones and social media, the art of capturing the underwater experience has never been more accessible, and there’s no shortage of people ready to get in on the act.

Below are a few of our favourites, which are sure to be some of the most talked about photos you’ll see.

Here’s a guide to the best photos to capture underwater, and a bit of a look at the different types of underwater photography.

In this series, we’re looking at the most memorable underwater photos that are capturing the public eye right now.

It’s not just the best of the best, it’s the best and most memorable photos you’re going to see underwater in 2018.

Read on to find out which are your favourites and which are our picks.

In the spring of 2018, photographer Jonathan Leder took this photo of a man swimming beneath the waves in New Zealand.

He said that his idea for the photo was to create a surreal image that would bring out the underwater world.

He also said that it was important to capture something with no lighting or other elements that would create an artificial effect.

The images he created were so captivating that they went viral on social media and were shared widely on social medias.

The photos have been shared on Instagram and Facebook, and are now in the public domain.

This photo of the man’s head under the waves was featured on ABC’s Shark Week show on May 18, 2018, and also appeared in a number of other media outlets.

In 2017, photographer Jonathan Leder published a short video of himself swimming alongside his family in the ocean in New York City.

He explained that he didn’t want to capture a picture of a moment that would be taken for posterity, so he decided to capture one moment that was truly special for his family.

“I knew I wanted to capture this moment for a long time because it was a moment where my dad was standing there with his back to the water and my mom was looking at him, and I was standing beside him,” he said.

“The moment we were underwater and this person standing on top of us was not just a person sitting on top, it was this guy, this big, powerful man.

So, the moment we’re underwater and it’s just me and my dad in front of this huge, big wave is a really special moment.”

In 2016, photographer Andrew Zieminski captured the moment a family was in the middle of the ocean while on a fishing trip.

“It was just really nice, we just had this little wave,” he told The Atlantic.

“The moment where you’re in the sea and it just kind of happens.

And you can’t believe it.”

Zieminski said that the water in New England was so calm that it felt like a real moment.

“It’s the same way in New Orleans, you can feel the air coming out of the city, so you know it’s coming from the ocean,” he explained.

The image above was published in the October 2017 issue of The Atlantic Magazine, and shows a family in an area of the sea where the water was calm.

“We all have the same ocean that we’ve been looking at,” he continued.

“We’re all living in the same world, the same space.

It feels like that’s how we all got into this.

So it’s kind of an everyday thing, just being in the right place at the right time.

It doesn’t feel weird.”

In 2017 photographer Jason Besser took a picture underwater of his wife and children while they were out fishing in a fishing pond in Rhode Island.

The photo was featured in the February 2018 issue of Outdoors Magazine, in a series called ‘Outdoors’ in which members of the public are asked to photograph themselves underwater in a variety of different settings.

“When you’re underwater, you’re just really, really alone, and your eyes are open,” Bessers told The Guardian.

“You’re in your own world, you don’t really have any other people around you, so it’s really just that simple.”

This is one of the more surreal experiences I’ve had in the last couple of years,” he added.”

But I think it was just because of the location, because it’s not as far away from the water as it used to be.

“In 2018, a photograph of an ocean shark was published by the photographer, John Leder.

The photographer said that he had been documenting sharks for years and had never thought