How to create your own crystal ball photography ideas

There’s no doubt that the internet has changed the way people photograph.

The ease with which you can upload your own shots has led to a wealth of photography inspiration.

But how do you create your perfect shot?

It’s hard to imagine a more complex and fascinating subject than a crystal ball.

Here are 10 tips to help you create some of your own!

The art of crystal ball photos is really a mix of elements from all disciplines and fields.

Some of these are photography styles, some are visual effects and some are creative.

There’s a lot of creativity involved.

Here we explore some of the more popular and effective crystal ball techniques and techniques.1.

Photographing a crystal tree 2.

Photography using an old computer 3.

Creating a crystal garden 4.

Using a crystal sphere to create a crystal orb 5.

Using an old camera to create crystal stars 7.

Using crystals to create the image of a human skull 8.

Creating your own ‘puppy doll’ with a crystal head 9.

Creating crystal eyes 10.

Making your own “magic crystal” with a computer 11.

Creating the crystal ball of your dreams, a book, a crystal necklace and more.