How to get a candid portrait of you in a heartbeat.

The new video will have you thinking of a few of the photos that make up your life, and you’ll find a lot of great candid portraits of you at work, in the pool, in your car, or even on your bed.

Here are the top 10 candid shots from the new video.1.

A friend’s cat, an animal who has been missing for months.

The cat is an old cat and it is in the process of going into hiding.

The owners are not allowed to see it because they are too afraid.2.

A guy at a dance club who lost his wallet in the line of duty.3.

A woman with an old tattoo that says, “love.”4.

A father who lost two children to suicide.

His wife was too afraid to talk to her son about it.5.

A man who is trying to be an introvert.

He just got married and he is struggling to find time to meet people.6.

A girl with a lot to say.

She has always been very self-conscious and her hair always looks like a wig.7.

A dad who lost a grandchild to suicide and now has a wife and two kids.8.

A family who is celebrating a birth anniversary.

They are not letting the baby go and the kids are very scared about the situation.9.

A mother who lost her husband to cancer.10.

A couple who are struggling to get by.

They don’t have money for food, rent, or anything.