How to get an eye tattoo without the hassle of a needle and thread

A man in China has invented a way to tattoo an eye without needles and threads, or any kind of permanent ink.

The man, who is still unidentified, first tried the method in an attempt to tattoo his own eyes in 2013, but it was rejected by the Chinese Medical University (CMS) hospital in the capital, Beijing.

He now has a better idea for a permanent tattoo, and has now invented a system to make it work.

The system, which he described as a ‘fiber-optic ink’, uses a laser and a small laser printer to create a thin layer of ink.

The ink is then embedded in a tattoo.

He is hoping that his new system will eventually be widely used, but not until he has tested it with others.

The process involves creating a thin strip of the ink, which can be inserted into a tattoo for the tattoo artist to then use to create the eye.

He said the technology was only a prototype at the time of writing, but had since changed drastically and could be used to make permanent tattoos.

“It is really an extremely advanced ink, but I have been able to experiment with it to try to make a few prototypes.

The problem is that the ink does not come in a sealed package, so I have to use a lot of patience,” Mr Zhou told the BBC.

He used to tattoo in ink that had been left in his eyes for several months, so that the tattoo would heal naturally, but he wanted to use something that would be as permanent as possible.

Mr Zhou, who has a tattoo of a snake tattoo on his neck, said he had previously tried using a syringe to make the ink into a permanent ink, and was unsuccessful.

“When I had my first tattoo, the ink was a very dark shade, so it was difficult to remove.

It was a bit painful,” he said.”

I also had to have a syringes handy to use, and the ink stayed in my skin.”

The solution is to make sure that the syringers have the proper ink.

“If the ink gets too dark, it will stick to the skin and be stuck to the tattoo.”

And the problem is, you can’t get it out without damaging the skin.

It can also stick to other parts of the body.

So it is not easy to remove it.”‘

Fiber-Optic Ink’ is a very thin layer that is applied to the surface of the skin, which will heal naturallyMr Zhou’s technique uses a combination of inkjet printing and a laser printer, and is designed to be more durable than traditional ink.

He told the ABC that the process took about 10 minutes, and would last up to a month.”

We can make it in three or four hours.

And then we can use it to make another tattoo of our own, with a different design,” he added.”

In this case, we have created a solution for permanent tattoos, and it is also possible to use it in other types of tattooing.

“Mr Zhou told the technology would only be commercially viable in China, and that it would take a few years for it to be used in other parts a country such as the US.

He has yet to decide on a location for his new factory, but has been contacted by a number of companies interested in producing the ink.

Mr Zhao said the idea for his ink had inspired him to design a product that would allow him to tattoo with a needle, as well as create a permanent design for his tattoos.

He plans to continue developing the technology, but said he would need to test it first in China to see if the technology is commercially viable.