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Photographer Jonathan Leder is an accomplished photographer with a unique perspective on beauty and the relationship between art and humanity.

His latest work captures the essence of his style, using images of animals, people and even himself to capture the essence in the most subtle ways possible.

In the photo above, Leder takes a moment to look at the animals that he has captured with his camera and captures them in his mind’s eye.

 He captures the animal’s eyes, nose and mouth in one image, as well as the animal as it stands in his own living room.

His goal is to create a unique look for each of the animals, each one as unique as Leder himself.

“I really love the way my images change as they come into focus.

I love the contrast between the animal and its surroundings.

I want them to feel alive and alive,” he says.

The work, called ‘I Love Animals’, is an ongoing project that Leder started with his family in 2016.

The work is also available for purchase on the blog, Instagram and Facebook.

A unique approach to photography It took Leder some time to discover his love for nature and wildlife and the connection between art, humanity and nature.

For example, when he was a child, he would take photographs of wild animals and collect them.

He later became interested in the art of photography, learning how to take pictures and how to make them.

He has worked with artists including John Baldessari, Michael Lonsdale, Robert Capa, Roger Dean, Robert Smith and others.

When he was 16, Ledger started taking photographs of people and started to work with the photographer himself.

His love for photography led him to a passion for making photographs.

This led to the creation of his first studio, in 2017.

Ledeser now has two studios in his studio, with one in Los Angeles and the other in Toronto.

He also works with a photography school in Toronto called the Toronto Art School.

There are also other locations in Canada, such as Los Angeles, Montreal and Vancouver.

Since the creation and expansion of the studio, Ledeser has been awarded the prestigious International Wildlife Photography Award and received the 2015 Canadian Wildlife Photography Society Award.

If you like the work and would like to support Leder, visit his website, follow him on Instagram and be sure to check out his Facebook page.