How to get your photos in the right lighting without losing focus

The following article is a guest post from Rose Photography lights and other lighting solutions blog, led by co-founder and creative director, Mike Rose.

We love to take inspiration from different cultures and countries to help us deliver the best lighting solutions for our clients.

Mike has worked with lighting companies in China, the US, Japan, and Europe.

He has helped countless clients get the best possible lighting experience and he’s been able to share his insights and knowledge with us.

His expertise in lighting has allowed him to work closely with leading brands and agencies to bring their lighting solutions to the world.

In this blog, Mike shares his personal favorite lighting solutions and how to apply them to the lighting needs of the office, home, or any other situation. 

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Have you ever been asked to get out of the shadows or get rid of the lights on your desk? 

We have all been there!

With a few simple tweaks to your office lighting, you can get your photographs in the light without losing your focus.

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