How to spot a wedding photographer

When you think about it, wedding photography is probably pretty much a no-brainer.

But with a little help from your friends, your family and your own social network, you can learn to spot the photographers behind your own photos, and also the ones that really are the ones taking the shots.

This article will help you identify some of the best wedding photographers around the world.


Dwayne Johnson (Wedding Photographer)Dwayne Johnson is a photographer who is known for his style and creativity.

His work has been featured on major US TV shows, magazines and on his own website.

His works include the “Rockstar” album, which included songs by Jay-Z, Eminem and Beyoncé.

His portfolio also includes a number of other projects, including the documentary “Shattered” and a series of photos that he created for the New York Times Magazine, including one of his wedding dresses, titled “The Wedding Dress of the Future”.

Dwayne is married to actress Toni Collette and they have two children, Max and Emma.

You can follow him on Twitter at @DwayneJohnson.

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David Atherton (Widows and Grooms)David Atherston is an American photographer who has been working with photographers from around the globe.

He is known as a photographer with an edge.

He has worked in London, Hong Kong, New York and Tokyo, where he has also taken on a number, including a number that has won him the Grand Prix Award of the Royal Photographic Society of New Zealand.

Atherstons photography is also seen on the cover of the magazine Vanity Fair, and he is known to have a passion for photography, especially for weddings.

He’s married to Australian-American actress Amy Hargreaves.

You should follow him at @DavidAtherton.

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J.D. Williams (Weds)J.

D Williams is a British photographer, who has shot weddings for many years.

He also shot weddings at a number venues in the UK, including The London Palladium, the Royal Albert Hall, The Old Vic and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

He now lives in Los Angeles, and his photographs are published by the Museum of Modern Art in Los Gatos.

You may also want to check out his portfolio on Instagram.


Peter MacNeil (Wed)Peter MacNeil has worked with a number photographers from Australia, the UK and the US.

His wedding photography has been seen on many TV shows including ABC’s “The Bachelor” and on ABC’s wedding blog, “The Bride and Groom”.

You may be interested in his wedding photography portfolio on his website.


Kevin Cairns (Wings)Kevin Cairnas photography has captured the hearts and minds of his Australian audience and has earned him the title of “Best Wedding Photographer” at the National Wedding Portfolio Awards.

He started his career in Sydney in 2002 and has been shooting weddings in Australia since 2005.

His photography is very intimate, which has resulted in some of his photographs being shown to the Australian press.

You will find some of your favourite images on his portfolio.Source