How to spot an old lady in the crowd

When you walk into a crowded mall, you are unlikely to notice anyone else in the way, but if you are walking down a crowded street, you will be able to spot old ladies.

In a recent report on India’s women, The Times Of India said that it had gathered a group of about 25 people who had gathered on a street in Delhi to watch a performance of the Tamil film, The Indian Girl.

They were mostly young women, wearing brightly coloured clothes and carrying flowers.

As the story goes, an old woman came along and started chatting with them.

They decided to follow her into the crowd and she led them to her, where they got into a cab and drove her home.

The next morning, the cab driver took her to the hotel where she went to shower and change her clothes.

After a while, she came back to them, telling them how the old lady had been talking to her about her old age.

“I was just a normal Indian woman, living in a normal neighbourhood in Delhi, in a place where I had no idea about her,” said the taxi driver.

“The taxi driver just asked her about it, but when I told her I had been walking along the street, she didn’t believe me and asked me what I was talking about.

She even told me to go to the toilet, but I did not do that because I was just in a hurry and not sure about the situation.”

When they got home, the old woman told the taxi drivers parents about the incident and told them about the taxi, which had been taken to a nearby hotel.

The driver went to the local police station and lodged a complaint against the old girl, the report said.

“After that, the police took over the case and the police registered a case under section 376 of the Indian Penal Code against the driver,” said Rajesh Mehta, Additional Director General of Police (Agency).

Police have not yet said how many cases have been registered.