Instagram post about urban photography

In its inaugural year, Instagram was not able to capture the full scope of the digital age.

Now, the social network is once again capturing the beauty of the urban landscape.

Instagram has announced a partnership with the French architectural firm, LEICA, to make it possible to capture images from the streets of Paris with the help of an array of modern technologies.

The project will see LEICA’s own Urban Photography and Urban Light cameras, as well as Instagram’s own mobile app, become available to owners of the devices.

Instagram also plans to introduce a new way of sharing photos on Instagram, with an integrated search feature for photographers, which will allow users to find photos that match their criteria and filter the results to be posted by users.

The news comes just days after the launch of Instagram Stories, a new social media service that lets users share photos and videos from a single account and share them with a friend, or post them to their own account for friends and family to see.

While Instagram’s partnership with LEICA marks a milestone for the social media giant, it is not the first time that the company has worked with a local architectural firm.

Instagram used LEICA to produce an aerial view of the Paris skyline for a series of 360-degree images and 360-sensing cameras.

In October, Instagram announced plans to bring its own 360-camera camera to the world, with the aim of capturing the full cityscape of New York City.