Jourdan Lewis’s ‘Jourdan’s’ Instagram account gets a new nickname

Jourdain Lewis, the hip-hop star and Instagram sensation known for his quirky personality and eclectic style, is making a comeback after a year away.

The 29-year-old musician, who has a sizable following on Instagram, announced on Tuesday that his new Instagram account, jourdanlionsmusic, will receive a new name and a brand new logo.

Lewis said the new name is intended to differentiate the brand from his previous Instagram accounts.

“This is a brand and I’m very proud of that,” Lewis said in a video announcing the change.

“The brand name is my Instagram name, but I’ve decided to go with the name ‘jourdan’ as a nod to the music.”

The move to a new brand is in keeping with the singer’s penchant for catchy nicknames.

Last year, the rapper released a photo of himself sporting a tattoo of a dog with a picture of a cat with a heart emblazoned on its neck.

In the clip, he explained that he didn’t have a dog tattoo and instead had a tattooed dog on his arm.

“So I had a dog that was a dog, a dog I could have a tattoo on, a tattoo with a bird on its back, and that’s why I decided to change it to ‘journan’,” Lewis said.

“It was so funny, so I was like, ‘Wow, that’s cool.'”

Lewis also announced that his next project, a new album, is slated for release in 2019.

His new album will feature a new song, “The Best,” which features an appearance from fellow rapper Big Sean.

“I love Big Sean, and I love Big Snoop, so it was a natural choice,” Lewis explained.

“I want to give him some love as well.”

He added that his upcoming album will be a “fresh and fresh album.”

“I’m going to make a new record,” Lewis revealed.

“That’s what I do, I make a fresh album every year, so hopefully it’ll be a fresh record.”

Lewis will perform at a benefit concert for the victims of the Charleston church shooting on Saturday.

He will also participate in a Q&A at the event with a local rapper, including Kendrick Lamar.

The rapper is known for a wide range of music, from the gospel-inflected pop of Kendrick Lamar to his eclectic hip-hops.

A former contestant on MTV’s “Jersey Shore,” Lewis has also been involved in other social media controversies.

Last October, he said he would donate $1 million to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in honor of the victims killed during the June 12, 2017, Charleston church massacre.