‘Lion’ video game video game inspired by ‘Lions’

Lion’s Den founder and CEO Chris Wilson tells TechCrunch that he wanted to create a video game based on the lion’s mane and other animal imagery from the film.

“It’s just so unique and different from anything else I’ve ever done, so I thought that was the perfect place to start,” he said.

“There’s a lot of people who love this film and love the film and just wanted to see how this could be made, and we were thrilled to get the green light.”

The Lion is a visual novel that takes place in the fictional village of Lion, which is based on an American comic book series of the same name.

The story is told through a series of side stories, and the game is the story of a young lion named Big Bo.

Wilson said that the film will include a number of side missions that will help players find hidden locations and unlock new story branches.

“We’re not going to have a linear story, so we’re not just going to be doing a single level,” Wilson said.

Instead, Lion will have a number (called side missions) that players will be able to complete to advance in the story.

For instance, players can explore the village of Wala Wala, which will allow them to unlock new side missions and unlock additional story branches such as a hidden cave.

Wilson also said that there will be side missions within Lion that can only be completed in certain locations, such as the Lion’s den, and that players can only complete those missions in certain areas.

“We wanted to keep the game accessible for people who don’t have a console, but if they’re playing on a PC or Mac they’ll be able get a ton of content through that,” Wilson added.

“The Lion will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, with a PlayStation 4 Pro version planned for an early 2017 release.”

The film will have several visual novel influences, such a lion’s mask that resembles the mask worn by the iconic film’s main character, Edward Snowden, and an animated film that features a lion named Fable.

Wilson said that he believes that Lion is “an example of something that could be done well,” and that the game’s story will not be just about the lion but also the world around it.

Wilson also said he is not looking to create any gameplay systems, and said that Lion will not have any in-game microtransactions.

Instead the game will have an open world where players can travel around Lion, and Wilson said Lion will also feature a variety of NPC’s that players have to interact with in order to complete missions.

“What you’ll see in Lion is something that’s really unique, but that’s not a game we’re going to do a lot with, just like we don’t want to do any story-driven microtransaction stuff,” Wilson noted.