NFL owners: We will have to work together to prevent another concussion

NFL owners, led by the NFL Players Association, are considering a new rule that would require teams to have a full-time trainer for every player.

The NFLPA also has proposed changes to the concussion protocol that could allow players to return from concussions more quickly.

The owners also plan to adopt a “one-size-fits-all” policy that would allow all players to play on the same field.

The proposal would allow players who have been concussed to return to practice the next day.

The idea has been proposed by a group of NFL owners led by Roger Goodell, who also serves as the league’s chief executive officer.

The goal is to prevent future concussions and ensure the health of all players, Goodell said in a statement.

“In light of the recent announcement by the players union that it is pursuing a new concussion protocol, we believe it is necessary for our collective bargaining agreement to include a new set of requirements for concussion management and care,” he said.

“We are currently working on an agreement that will address these concerns.”

The proposal has not been endorsed by the Players Association.

It’s unclear how many owners support the new protocol.

The proposed rule is being developed by a task force made up of the owners and players.

The task force is expected to make recommendations to the NFL by March 15, the same date as the start of the 2017 regular season.

A draft of the proposed protocol has not yet been made public, but NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said that the draft will be public soon.

The draft of a concussion protocol is a critical step in ensuring the safety of the league, Goodell wrote.

The league will work with all stakeholders, including players, coaches and other members of the medical and support staff, to ensure a strong and safe concussion protocol.

Goodell said the NFLPA is looking forward to continuing to work with the NFL to develop the protocol.

“It is important for the health and well-being of our players to have access to a fully trained, certified and credentialed concussion-management team,” Goodell said.

The current concussion protocol requires the head and neck of the player to be immobilized and restrained by an approved team member.

The players union has been fighting to make this requirement mandatory since 2011, but the league has resisted, saying that a concussion is not a physical event and that players are allowed to play and train with their teammates.

The concussion protocol would make it easier for players to get back to practice faster and help them avoid long-term effects, the union said in an email.

The protocol is expected help the NFL get to its goal of preventing more concussions.

The team that has the most concussions each year would have to get rid of a team’s head trainer by 2020.

The rules would require a concussion trainer to be licensed by the union and have the same qualifications as a certified team trainer.

The union has said that its members are the best-trained in the NFL, and its members also have a higher level of awareness about the dangers of concussions than other players.

NFL officials have said that they have made changes to training protocols in recent years and have reduced concussions in the league.