Photographer captures wedding photography in India

Photographer Samir Khatri has been documenting his wedding photography adventures in India for over a year now.

From the moment he walked through the doors of the family’s home in Surat, the 28-year-old photographer quickly realized that his job was in India.

In the past few months, he has documented over 500 weddings across various locations, and the photos have garnered him thousands of followers on Instagram.

While most of the photos are taken in the streets of Surat or in the surrounding villages, Samir has documented his own wedding photos in the capital city of Delhi.

“My main goal with the wedding photography was to document the moment I first met my fiancé and get to know him.

My focus is on documenting the process of getting married as a couple, not the event itself,” said Samir, who has since moved to Mumbai.

Samir, a first-generation Indian who grew up in a poor family, said that the first wedding he ever took was with his father, who was a farmer.

After graduating from college, he worked as a waiter in a hotel, and finally went on to study law.

He was finally accepted to the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi, but his father never accepted him due to his caste.

“I was living with my parents in a small village and I had to move in with my mother to meet my father.

As a result, I was living in a shelter with my grandmother.

I was never able to have a proper wedding ceremony,” he explained.

Samira said that he felt so isolated in his village, and that he never wanted to go back.

He had always wanted to photograph weddings in India, but never thought of going to a wedding.

“I just didn’t feel like going.

I never felt I had enough time, and I didn’t want to risk any problems with the people I was marrying,” he said.

After working as a waitress, he was inspired to pursue photography when he found a job with a wedding photographer, and he soon realized that he wanted to work for the same photographer in his life.

“We were on the same page and I thought I would just get married.

I didn, but I kept working,” he laughed.

Samiri’s wife and two children are still in India at the moment, and they are very happy with the quality of the images they’ve captured.

“They love it and they want to share it with the world,” he remarked.

Samiris and his wife and family, who have been together for over two years, are also now taking their photos abroad.

“There are many countries that we are working in and I’m planning to do more abroad,” he added.