Photos of the National Geographic Society’s National Geographic Photographer’s Choice Awards ceremony: The photos are stunning

A crowd of more than 100 photographers and editors lined up for the annual National Geographic photographer’s choice awards ceremony on Saturday.

The awards were presented to six photographers who have “shattered” their profession in the last year, and each was recognized for their photography in the latest issue of National Geographic magazine.

The winners of the award are:Maksym Vosak, a Russian-born photographer, is the photographer of the year.

Vosak photographed the aftermath of a Russian earthquake in April of 2017.

He captured the aftermath with a large camera and an iPad camera, and it was a beautiful experience for him to work on the earthquake damage.

He also photographed a group of survivors.

Voshchuk, who lives in Ukraine, is nominated for the title of National Photographer of the Year.

The Ukraine native shot the aftermath and rescue of a Ukrainian passenger plane after a deadly crash.

He did this with a small camera and a mobile phone.

Vostokov is nominated as the National Photographer for 2016, for his photos of a firefight in Ukraine.

Vostokom was working in Ukraine at the time, and this photo shows him taking the photo while being shot by a Ukrainian fire fighter.

Vorobov is the National Photojournalist of the Day for 2016.

He photographed the devastation caused by a meteorite explosion at a power plant in Poland.

He was also working on the accident scene in the Ukraine.

Volkachev is the national photographer of 2017, nominated for his photo of the aftermath after a Russian meteorite exploded at a coal mine in the Russian Republic of Dagestan.

He used a Nikon camera, a smartphone and a tablet.

Vyacheslav is the winner of the title National Photographer’s Best of 2017 for his image of the devastation in the aftermath following a meteoritic blast.

The photo is a portrait of a damaged coal mine.

Vykulov is named the National Newspaper Photographer of 2016 for his photograph of the destruction in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol.

Vozhinin is the 2017 National Photographer Award winner for his work with the Russian Army.

The photographer was working as a journalist in Ukraine in late March, 2016.

He captured a photo of a wounded soldier with his phone and a GoPro camera, while being attacked by Ukrainian soldiers.

He was awarded with the National Photographers of the Week for his picture of the injured soldier being escorted by two military helicopters in Mariupole, a Ukrainian town in eastern Ukraine.

Kubilowsky is the photojournalist who was nominated for a National Geographic photograph of a dog in the streets of Warsaw.

He took a picture of a small dog in front of the city of Warsaw, and he was working with a drone camera.

He photographed the dog being escorted in a small SUV to the dog shelter.

Kudryashkin is the first person nominated for this year’s National Photographer Awards, and is nominated alongside his colleague Yuriy Dzomyshyn for his photographs of the explosion at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the former Soviet Union.

He filmed the explosion as it took place, and captured the resulting dust cloud, dust, and smoke.

Dzomoshenko is nominated again for his pictures of the Chernoyevsk nuclear power plant explosion.

He is also working in Donetsk, Ukraine, where he photographed the explosion.

He is the 2016 National Photographer in Person of the Month for his story of the evacuation of the residents of a refugee camp in southern Ukraine.

He documented the evacuation and the cleanup in his photos.

Dobrovsky is the third person nominated, this time for his shot of the rubble of a collapsed building in Slovyansk, Ukraine.

This photograph is one of several that have been released in the weeks since the explosion, and was one of the first images that showed the extent of the damage to the buildings.

The explosion caused a huge amount of damage, as well as a number of deaths.

The award ceremony was held in the basement of the Museum of the Holy Trinity, which is the most prominent church in the city.

Dmitriy Vodianov, who is the director of the Institute of History and Archeology of the Church of St. Stephen, was named National Photographer.

Vod was working at the Cathedral of St Stephen, the first church in Europe to be built by Catholic monks, when the blast occurred.

The church was completely destroyed, and Vod captured the moment he was able to walk away from the blast and reach a nearby field.

He received the National Photography of the week award.

Volynko was the National Geographer of the day in 2016.

Volynko took this photo of some people walking along a beach in the Siberian Arctic.

He said that the photos are amazing because they show the beauty of nature.

Volynuk was the winner for National Geographic’s Photographer of The Year in 2016, and in 2017 he is nominated twice again