Rain photography: ‘We’ve got to get past this’

The rain is coming.

For all the hype, the reality is that this is the weather we’re facing now. 

We’ve seen the storm, the rain, the flooding, the bushfires, the drought, the floods, and now the rain. 

There are only two things we can do now: get through this storm and move on.

So what is rain photography?

Rain photography is when you take a photo of the clouds, or the sky, or even a small part of a river and share it with the world. 

What makes rain photography unique is that you can capture all the details, whether it’s the reflection of water or the reflection on the water, that is usually only visible in a few seconds, with the help of a phone.

The beauty of rain photography is that it allows us to take a snapshot of something beautiful, yet still captures the reality of the rain falling on us.

It’s an image that will always have a special place in my heart.

So what are you waiting for?

Start taking a photo now!