Rain photography: ‘We’ve got to get past this’

The rain is coming.For all the hype, the reality is that this is the weather we’re facing now. We’ve seen the storm, the rain, the flooding, the bushfires, the drought, the floods, and now the rain. There are only two things we can do now: get through this storm and move on.So what is rain photography?Rain photography is […]

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How to use Instagram to turn your images into content

By now you’ve probably heard of Instagram, but how can you use the social media site to turn photos of your friends into content?If you’re like me, you’re pretty new to the social network.Instagram has been around since 2009, and it’s been used by nearly 100 million people every month.But if you’ve been following the […]

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How to find the perfect wedding photography package

The wedding photography market is a hot commodity, and it is one that most people are unfamiliar with.The market is comprised of a number of different categories.Wedding photography packages are the most popular type of photography packages.Wedding photographer packages usually include everything from a simple white tablecloth to a large white space, and include a […]

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What is Boudoir Photography? Definition

The definition of “boudou” has been a constant source of confusion.Boudou, however, is a French term meaning “white, soft, and light” (it is used in French to describe people of African descent).A Boudoudoir photographer is a person who makes and sells a variety of items in which white light is used to create images.This is […]

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Which city is the most vibrant, creative, and engaged?

The answers to these questions could make or break the future of the American Dream.A survey by the Pew Research Center’s Digital Cities Initiative found that New York is the best-dressed city, with the best weather, best public transportation, and most vibrant and engaged communities.It also ranked among the most affluent cities in the country.Here […]

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