‘The Art of Photography’ premieres on Netflix

Netflix has launched the first-ever documentary series about photography, titled ‘The ART of Photography.’

The series is an exclusive look into the life and work of famed photographer William Friedkin.

The series will premiere on the streaming service this spring and will follow the life of the photographer as he tries to capture the essence of his craft.

The first episode of the series will follow photographer and film maker William Friedson, who is currently working on a new documentary about his work.

‘The art of photography is the art of capturing the essence, and the essence is beauty,’ Friedkin said in a statement.

‘Beauty is a beautiful thing.’

Friedkin has won a slew of awards for his work, including the Pulitzer Prize, National Geographic Society’s John M. Duncan Lifetime Achievement Award, the Pulitzer Medal and the Robert H. and Mary C. Moore Memorial Prize for photography.

He is currently the editor-in-chief of the Los Angeles Times Magazine, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and photographer.

He has been a fixture of Los Angeles art scene since the late 1970s and has won numerous awards including the L.A. Times Photojournalist of the Year, L.L.A.’s Richard A. Young Award and the Loyola Photography Awards.

The show follows Friedkin as he takes a year-long trip to Europe to capture images and film with some of the world’s best photographers.

The documentary follows the photographer’s return to the United States in April 2016, and it’s expected to premiere on Netflix in 2018.

‘A Year in the Life of William Friedkkin’ was shot with digital cameras, and will feature some of Friedkin’s earliest images from Europe, and includes interviews with the artists, photographers, writers, directors, and photographers who influenced him.