What do you need to know about a $6 million donation to a California family’s foundation?

When a local San Jose-based foundation is looking for a new home, it doesn’t always come down to a single donor.

It’s sometimes a combination of people who are donating, people who want to help the cause and others who are willing to give up their own money for the cause.

The California Foundation for the Blind, for example, recently announced that it was donating $6.5 million to the foundation’s nonprofit arm, The San Francisco Foundation for Developmental Disabilities, after a donor, former Silicon Valley entrepreneur Chris Hansen, donated the group $2 million.

The San Jose Foundation for Education is looking to expand its reach beyond the Bay Area, which it started with a $1.9 million donation in 2013.

And in 2017, the San Francisco Council of the Blind gave $3 million to a blind charity, the California Blind Fund.

“The way the foundation works is, we have a board of trustees and a board that’s made up of people with disabilities who we feel are qualified to be directors,” said Mark D’Antonio, the director of communications for the San Jose City Council.

“We also have a membership committee that’s comprised of people in our community that want to do more.”

The foundation is not the only nonprofit in San Francisco with an eye on getting its name out in the public eye.

The city is home to several charities with names that sound like they’re based on celebrities or the likes of The Tonight Show, such as the San Franciscan Foundation for Children, which is named after the late comedian, Johnny Carson.

The organization, which also provides free tutoring to children and offers social events for adults with disabilities, also has a Facebook page that has over 10,000 likes.