Which NFL players pose the most civil war photos?

The league is considering banning cameras on all players during games, the NFL Players Association has announced.

The players association also wants the NFL to remove all cameras that capture a player’s face during a play.

Players will be able to film during the play and share the footage with their coaches and the media, the association said.

Players would be required to post the footage on the association’s Facebook page.NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart said the league will take a close look at the proposal.

“We’ll see how we feel about it and how it affects the players and how we’ll work through that with the players association,” Lockhart told ESPN.

The NFL is not the only league considering ways to limit players’ access to images during games.

The Washington Redskins and the San Francisco 49ers have proposed limiting cameras to the sidelines during games as well.

The Los Angeles Rams and Oakland Raiders have proposed prohibiting cameras from any position during games and limiting them to sideline seats.

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs have also proposed limiting camera use during games to sideline seating.

The National Football League announced in January that it would make a public commitment to banning cameras during games beginning in 2020.